TV Show To 'Star' McGinty

Oregon Journal newspaper clippingThe USS McGinty, Portland's own destroyer-escort which left here for a year's active duty less than two weeks ago, will begin its regular Navy career by starring in a television series.
Rear Adm. William M. Kauffman, USN, commanding the Pacific destroyer flotilla, has designated the McGinty to be used in the filming of a sequence for the TV program "Hennessey"[sic], starring Jackie Cooper. The Hennessey[sic] film crew, about 40 strong, will board the McGinty next Tuesday to film the show, according to word received Saturday from Cmdr. Jerry Aakhus, commander of the destroyer escort.
Oregon men who make up the McGinty's crew will appear in the sequence and some of them may even be chosen for featured bits, Aakhus said. The show probably will appear early in January, he indicated. The Hennessey[sic] show appears locally on Channel 6 Monday nights.
From Portland, the McGinty went to Southern California and later is to go from Long Beach to Pearl Harbor, where it will be attached for most of its year of active federal duty.
But Portland's destroyer escort will be seen hereabouts on TV screens before it's seen back in the Willamette River.
NOTE: The correct spelling for the show is "Hennesey."

Oregon Journal newspaper, Oct. 1961